Gillette Fusion Limited Edition Travel Pack


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Gillette Fusion Limited Edition Travel Pack Description

Fusion is Gillette’s first five-bladed razor, which includes a sixth trimming blade on the back of the cartridge for beards and moustaches. This design allows men, both clean-shaven and with facial hair, to use the razor. Another great feature is that the razor is shower safe, allowing you to shave when and where you wish. Give him the gift of instant grooming with this Gillette Fusion set. The Gillette Fusion Razor has been called Gillette’s best shave amongst manual razors. The 5 closely spaced blades glide across the skin, bringing a close comfortable shave. With a trimmer blade built into the back of the cartridge this razor brings a close shave and precision trimming to help him create the look he wants. This set includes a Gillette Fusion Razor as well as a pack of 2 replacement Cartridges. Perfect for everyday use, or as an emergency standby. Set includes – 1 high quality travel back. 1 Razor with Cartridge and 2 replacement cartridges.

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