RazoRock Mamba DE Safety Razor


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RazoRock Mamba DE Safety Razor Description

Why you would want the RazoRock MAMBA: Best build quality in the business. CNC milled from 316L stainless steel billet to tolerances of two thousands of an inch, no other manufacturer compares, no blade fiddling and perfect blade alignment every time! Price! Similar quality CNC machined stainless steel razors sell for 4 times the price Built for a LIFETIME of use. Unlike inexpensive cast alloy razors, the MAMBA is built to last forever! Buy it once, buy it right! 316L stainless steel is marine grade and is very resistant to staining and rusting Designed for safety, the MAMBA is perfect for quick and safe daily shaves, some reviewers tell us it’s even safer to use than a cartridge razor! Perfect for Head Shaving. The safety of the MAMBA design is unmatched and this means you can even safely head shave with it. PRO TIP: With razors like the Mamba, where the blade alignment pins are on the base/guard plate, load the DE blade onto the base/guard plate and then put on the top cap. See the last two photos on the left hand side for a visual. Weight: 3.2 oz (~91 grams) Blade Gap: 0.53 mm Blade Exposure: ~0 to -0.01mm (I say roughly because of blade width variances) Material: 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Handles Specs: Halo: 83 mm length, 12 mm diameter with 15 mm unscrew-able knob end, ~2.2 oz weight Barber Pole: 85 mm length, 12 mm diameter with 15 mm knob end, ~2.6 oz weight Knurled Radio Knob: 85 mm length, 12 mm diameter with 15 mm knob end, ~2.7 oz weight Super Knurl: 91 mm length, 13 mm diameter, ~2.9 oz weight Bamboo: 90 mm length , 12 mm diameter, ~2.0 oz weight Finish: 3 stage, 24 hour, machine polish Other Details: each razor is engraved with a unique serial number.

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