Stainless Steel Safety Razor (Classic Chrome)


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Stainless Steel Safety Razor (Classic Chrome) Description

Color:Classic Chrome YOU’LL LOVE THIS RAZOR High quality. We use a low iron high quality stainless steel for the razor handles. They are then coated with a protective layer. Take care of this razor and it will give you an outstanding shave every time. This product was build with the idea that you should be able to pass this along to the next generation. Low quality steel will have higher iron, gather bacteria, become dull quickly and gather bacteria. Sustainability. Unlike other blades that are full of plastic and multiple blades, double edge blades are solid steel which makes them recyclable! Eliminate Irritation. Has your face ever felt like scorched earth after a shave? Double edge razors are angled at 30º and when operated correctly your skin will not become irritated or experience razor bumps. Why? Well 3-5 blade cartridges will function like this: 1st blade pulls the hair, 2nd blade hacks, pull, hack, pull, hack. Have you ever curled a ribbing using scissors? Essentially that is what you are doing to your face and the cause of razor bumps.

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