This surprising, myth-busting quiz will tell you how much you actually know about sex trafficking.

Close to 25% of surveyed Covenant House youth either were victims of trafficking or at one point in their life.

According to federal law, ALL children engaging in prostitution are trafficking victims.

Traffickers avoid homeless kids because they think they are dirty and broken.

Pimps have been known to tattoo their victims, sometimes with dollar signs or the pimps’ name, so people know that “their girls” belong to them.

It is not considered trafficking if a girl agrees to sex in exchange for food, shelter or gifts. It’s only trafficking if the pimp makes money.

Boy are victims of sex trafficking.

All victims of human trafficking will immediately identify themselves as such to potential rescuers and are desperate to escape.

LGBTQ youth are at especially high risk for trafficking victimization.

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The face of child trafficking is often not what you think.